Puff Puff Pudding: A Sweet Twist on Tradition

Puff Puff Pudding: A Sweet Twist on Tradition

Transforming Puff Puff into a Custard Dream:A Friendly and Quick Dessert Bursting with Cinnamon and Melted Chocolate

Our Puff Puff Pudding is a testament to the joy of merging culinary traditions. We've taken the beloved African snack, puff puff, and transformed it into a delightful dessert that combines the heartwarming notes of custard with the cozy embrace of cinnamon and the indulgence of melted chocolate. It's a celebration of flavours that welcomes you with open arms.

Creating this delectable pudding is as easy as can be. With just a few steps, you'll be savouring a dessert that's sure to become a favourite. Soak the puff puff, blend in milk, cream, and eggs, and let the air fryer work its magic. In less than half an hour, you'll be treated to a pudding that's light, flavourful, and brimming with sweetness.

Ingredients: Yields: 2 Servings | Cook Time: 25 mins | Prep Time: 15 mins

150g AFB Puff Puff | Bofrot | Mikate with Cinnamon Sugar
150ml Milk
2 tablespoons Cream
2 tablespoons Sugar
1 large Egg
1 cup Milk Chocolate chips
Icing Sugar for Dusting

1. Start by slicing the Puff Puff into small, bite-sized pieces. These delicious morsels are the heart of our pudding.
2. In a mixing bowl, combine the milk, cream, sugar, cinnamon sugar a large egg. Whisk this mixture thoroughly until it's well blended, creating a creamy, sweet custard base.
3. Gently add the sliced Puff Puff pieces into the custard mixture. Let them soak for a few minutes, allowing the Puff Puff to absorb the luscious flavours of the custard.
4. Preheat your air fryer to 180°C (356°F) while you continue with the next steps.
5. In an oven-safe dishes or ramekins, layer the soaked Puff Puff and sprinkle with chocolate chips.
6. Carefully place the prepared dish into the preheated air fryer. Cook for approximately 25 minutes, or until the pudding is beautifully golden and set. 7. Remove the dish from the air fryer and let the pudding cool slightly. Dust the tops with a sprinkling of icing sugar for an added touch of sweetness and elegance.
8. Finally, it's time to indulge! Serve your Puff Puff Pudding warm, savoring each spoonful of creamy custard or Ice cream, rich melted chocolate, and the comforting familiarity of Puff Puff with Cinnamon Sugar.

Whether you're enjoying this dessert solo or with loved ones, you're in for a delightful treat. Share the warmth and joy that this Puff Puff Pudding brings to your table.

Note: Feel free to experiment with different flavours and toppings. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, drizzle with caramel sauce, or garnish with fresh berries for a personalised touch. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. 


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