AFB 2.0

AFB 2.0

From Meal Kits to Frozen Meals: AFB's Evolution and Exciting New Launch

Introducing African Food Box 2.0! We're thrilled to usher in a renewed vision of delivering traditional African flavours to homes across the UK. Our origins as a meal kit business saw us delivering perfectly portioned ingredients and delectable toppings right to your doorstep. But as our community grew, so did the demand for ready-to-eat meals and event catering. This evolution inspired us to craft even more intricate and flavourful dishes.

Acting on your invaluable feedback, we've launched a curated line of frozen meals that encapsulate the essence of our journey so far. Dive into dishes like our spicy-smokey Nigerian Jollof rice paired with Tomato Stewed beef and sweet fried plantain, or the aromatic Cape Malay chicken curry complemented with fragrant yellow rice. This pivot not only ensures quicker meal preparations and heightened convenience but also broadens the reach of traditional African cuisine.

At African Food Box, our heart lies in celebrating and sharing Africa's vibrant culinary heritage and rich tapestry of flavours. Our unwavering dedication to using quality ingredients and adhering to time-honoured cooking techniques guarantees an unparalleled taste experience. So, come aboard on this exhilarating next phase as we roll out AFB 2.0, replete with innovative offerings, and engaging content like fun quizzes on our website. Together, let's savour the true essence of Africa.


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