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New Arrival ~ New Arrival ~

£25.50 GBP

Unleash your inner Jollof rice connoisseur with our Jollof Rice Wars Tasting Box! Try all three varieties and pick your favourite. Featuring a selection of Nigerian, Ghanaian, and Senegalese Jollof rice. Perfect for a delicious tastings challenge.

New Arrival ~ New Arrival ~

Nigerian Jollof rice, Peppered Meat and Plantain£7.50 GBP

Spicy-smokey jollof rice dish with tomato stewed beef and sweet, caramelized fried plantain. An authentic blend of African flavors that will transport your taste buds to the hea...

NigerianJollof rice, Moi Moi (Steam Bean Cake) and Plantain£7.50 GBP

Our vegan jollof rice, moi moi (steamed bean cake), and plantain meal is a delicious and nutritious blend of West African flavours. The Jollof rice is made with a savoury tomato...

Jollof World Cup Box£25.50 GBP

Dive into the great Jollof rice debate with our Jollof Rice Wars Tasting Box! Sample three distinct varieties – Nigerian, Ghanaian, and Senegalese – and crown your personal cham...

Ghanaian Jollof rice, Peppered chicken and Plantain£7.90 GBP

Experience the bold flavours of West Africa with our Ghanaian Jollof rice, juicy peppered chicken, and sweet plantain dish.

Senegalese Jollof Rice, Fish and Vegetables£8.50 GBP

Delve into the distinctive flavours of Senegal with our Jollof rice, complemented beautifully by succulent fish and lightly steamed vegetables. This dish captures the very essen...

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Along with being innovative, African food box is a delight.
You can feel the love and even better, you can taste it.


I was blown away by the jollof rice... not only was it extremely easy to cook, but it was delicious.


I like the fact that it gives you the options to add in the extras or just leave it as is. The taste is really yummy.


It's only been 10 days since I received the last one and I've finished two jars...I'm meant to be doing fitfam!


vegan option, Halal and sustainable packaging

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Explore the flavours of Africa sustainably with our African food box. Made with fresh, authentic ingredients and hand crafted frozen meals, each box is a journey through the continent’s diverse culinary traditions.
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