Who Are We

We tell African stories through food

Dedicated to time-honoured recipes and heartwarming meals, we curate a journey that transports the essence of Africa straight to dinner tables across the UK. Experience the diversity of African cuisine with us.


Best of Africa at Home

From savoury stews to spicy sauces, explore the diverse tastes of Africa with
our carefully curated selection of frozen ready meals and condiments

Who Are We

Family recipes cooked from the heart

AFB was born from a desire to easily access the recipes and flavours we grew up with and enjoyed at family and friends’ tables, we work to make traditional African cuisine convenient and accessible
for all to enjoy.


Build a Box

AFB began with a range of meal kits, complete with portioned ingredients and toppings, delivered straight to your door.



We then began to receive requests for ready made meal and and catering for events and parties, leading to the introduction of more exciting and complex recipes.


AFB 2.0

Our latest innovation is a line of frozen, ready meals that bring the best of our previous stages. Shortening prep-time, improving convenience and making traditional African cuisine accessible to more tables across the UK.

Authentic Recipe

Vegan Options

Recyclable Packaging

Responsibly-sourced, ingredients