Our Packaging Takes You Places

Our Packaging Takes You Places
Our Branding:

At African Food Box, we believe that food is a journey. Our goal is to transport our customers to different parts of Africa with each bite, giving them a taste of the vibrant cultures and rich flavours that make up this incredible continent. But we don't stop at food alone - we want our packaging to be a part of that journey as well.

That's why our packaging includes illustrations of landmarks and gems from all across Africa, from the pyramids of Egypt to the Table Mountain in South Africa. With each delivery, we want our customers to feel like they're embarking on a new adventure. Our colourful and bright branding reflects the vibrancy and energy of the African continent, and we hope it brings a smile to our customers' faces when they receive their deliveries.

Each illustration on our packaging represents a different part of Africa and its rich and complex history and culture. By sharing these stories, we hope to give our customers a deeper appreciation for the continent and the incredible diversity that exists within it.

But it's not just about aesthetics. Our branding also reflects our commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. We use eco-friendly packaging materials and source quality ingredients.

So the next time you receive a delivery from African Food Box, take a moment to appreciate the journey that you're on. With each bite, you're experiencing a different part of Africa, and with each illustration on our packaging, you're learning a little more about this amazing continent. Thank you for joining us on this adventure.


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